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Horses are known as a dead-end host of West Nile virus, that is, they can become ill with WestHorse Nile virus, but they do not maintain sufficient virus in the blood to infect either other mammals (including humans) or mosquitoes. Surveillance of horses has occurred in areas with a history of West Nile virus and in additional States on the eastern coast of the United States to monitor the possible spread of West Nile virus. This surveillance consists of investigating suspect cases in horses. Because horses are not known to play a role in transmission of West Nile virus, quarantines were never placed on any non-clinically ill horses in the outbreak area. However, some foreign countries have banned the importation of horses from New York.

The agriculture department recommends eliminating standing water where mosquitoes breed; put Horse injectionhorses inside at dawn, dusk and night; use fans to create air movement over stabled horses; remove all birds that are in or close to stables; use insect repellant or fog stables with pesticides in the evening.




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